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Booking Conditions

Your holiday Agreement is with Villas Portugal Limited and is subject to the following Terms and Conditions (references to the "booking calendar" are those calendars on this site):-

1. If we receive written interest in booking available holiday week(s), then we will reflect this on the booking calendar. An interested booking for the same party will only be reflected on the booking calendar in up to 3 weeks in any calendar year and each may only be held for 5 working days.

2. A booking is only reserved once a deposit of 25% of the full amount has been received. If the 25% deposit is not received within 5 working days then the relevant week(s) will be available to others.

3. If we receive written interest from 2 parties, then we will reserve the booking for the party who first sends the deposit.

4. A booking is only confirmed if the remaining amount (75% of the full amount) has been received within two months prior to the start of the reserved week(s). Villas Portugal Limited do not undertake to remind you of the need to send the remaining amount although we will endeavour to do so.

5. If the remaining amount is not received, then Villas Portugal Limited will not refund the deposit if the reserved week(s) is not subsequently let to another party.

6. If the booking is within two months of the holiday week(s), then the full amount is payable and the booking is not confirmed until the full amount is received.

7. If the booking is cancelled, then a refund of the remaining amount may be payable if the cancellation is prior to 2 months of the start of the holiday week(s) but if any part of the holiday includes a day from the peak season, then a refund of the remaining amount may only be payable if the cancellation is prior to 4 months of the start of the holiday week(s).

8. If possible, we will transfer bookings to an alternative holiday week(s).

9. On arrival a cash bond is payable to the villa manager and is returnable at the end of your holiday at the villa manager’s discretion dependent upon the respect you give to the villa and villa manager. If any items are damaged or missing from the villa on your departure or any aspect of the villa requires an unreasonable amount of cleaning following your booking, some or all of the cash bond may be withheld and in respect of villa keys or gate openers, a minimum of 50 Euros will be deducted from the cash bond.

10. The full amount is for booking the whole villa with the exception of the villa manager’s apartment at Villa Phoenix. The full amount is for a maximum of eight persons or eight persons and one baby or child on a cot or camp bed.

11. The full amount includes cooking gas, water, villa electricity and a light maid service mid week. The full amount does not include extra pool heating, fan hire or barbecue provisions (charcoal).

12. The booking must be for holiday purposes only. The booking must not be used for business purposes or gatherings such as weddings or parties.

13. Once funds have been received and cleared, then a contract has been entered into with Villas Portugal Limited and that contract is subject to English Law.

14. All funds may be sent by on-line transfer, Bank transfer or by cheque. Our Bank details will be sent to you when we confirm your provisional booking. All funds are to be paid in pounds sterling without the deduction of Bank charges. Payment may be made in Euros at a conversion rate determined by us. Payment may also be made using a credit card though a third party with our prior agreement and charges levied by the third party to be met by you will be communicated to you at the time funds are due.

15. Except by arrangement with the villa manager, you may not gain access to the villa prior to 4 pm on the first day of your holiday week(s) and you must leave the villa by 10 am on the last day of your holiday week(s).

16. Any additional services provided by the villa manager are entirely available at the villa manager's discretion and Villas Portugal Limited accepts no responsibility or liability for those services.

17. No pets or other animals are permitted in the villa.

18. Part of the contract with Villas Portugal Limited is that you agree to indemnify Villas Portugal Limited against all loss and damage arising (including unreasonably large amounts of cleaning) directly or indirectly to the villa, pool and grounds and its contents from any deliberate or negligent act or omission by yourself or any person present by your invitation or with your consent during the holiday week(s).

19. To the full extent permissible by Law, Villas Portugal Limited shall not be responsible for any loss or damage to any belongings or for any injuries sustained by you or any person present in the villa during the holiday week(s).

20. We recommend that you arrange adequate travel/holiday and medical insurance and bring details of any reciprocal medical assistance, e.g. your national health number.

21. It is requested that any item which is missing or broken in the villa is brought to the attention of the villa manager and Villas Portugal Limited will endeavour to replace or repair that item, but it is not guaranteed that this will be achieved during the holiday week(s). Nonetheless, the villa manager must at all times be allowed access to the villa on notice which shall be reasonable in the circumstances and without notice in the case of an emergency.

22. Villas Portugal Limited accept no responsibility for any interruption of services, including water or electricity, to the villa nor for any noise or disturbance in the vicinity of the villa. Whilst Villas Portugal Limited have provided sufficient capacity for providing hot water for all guests, we do not accept responsibility for insufficient hot water.

23. Children must be properly supervised when using the pool and/or spa. It is strongly advised that no-one dives or jumps from a height into the pool. Moreover, Villas Portugal Limited specifically accepts no responsibility for inappropriate or irresponsible use of the pool and/or spa.

24. At all times, persons at the villa must behave with consideration and respect.

25. The invalidity in whole or in part of any Clause of this Agreement shall not invalidate the whole Agreement but instead any such invalidity shall be treated as if replaced by such valid wording as shall as near as possible give full force and effect the original intention of that Clause.

26. Villas Portugal Limited reserves the right to terminate a booking at any time if these conditions are not met in full.

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